26027 Diana (Uzbekistan)

Full name: Diana
19 y.o
Height:170 cm
Weight:47 kg
no have kids
never been married
Profession: model
I am a very cheerful and positive girl, I love to play sports and love to travel) It is very important for me to feel comfortable in any place where I am and that’s why I always try to do it. I love to create comfort and coziness in the house, and even when I go on a trip or trip, I try to create coziness there too. It's easy to be with me, I'm sociable and I always try to think about the people who are next to me. I love animals.

I want to find a positive man with whom it will be fun. Who knows the balance between being serious and responsible and also being able to joke and fool around when the situation is right for it. We must be one and complement each other.

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