26009 Alyona

Birth date: 24.04.1983
Height: 161
Hair color: Blond
Color of eyes: grey
Dancing, doing puzzles, sports
 I am energetic and positive, I like to discover new places and experiences for myself. Also, I am quite sociable, open. To some extent, I am a pedant and a perfectionist - for me, order is a guarantee of purity of thoughts. I'm quite loose, I can stand up for myself, but I appreciate the support of a man next to me.
 For me, an ideal man is first of all courageous, self-confident, honest, who has goals and is ready to achieve them no matter what, who is ready to support a girl in any situation and who can be relied on. This is a person who knows what he wants in life and can lead him in the right direction. A man who appreciates a woman who is close to him and respects her, appreciates openness and sincerity. I like to feel BEHIND a man.
 No like in man. Negative qualities for me are jealous, greedy, spiteful, who cannot be relied on, I hate liars and uninitiative men. Rude, unambitious, ineffective, obsessive

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