26043 Anastasia

City, country of birth
Zaporozhye. Ukraine
Current residence
Height 168 cm
West 55 kg
Marital status (married, divorced, have a boyfriend, single)
Are there children? No
Eye color Blue-gray
Hair color Blonde
Education (higher/secondary and what kind)
Specialized secondary
Type of activity/employment/where you work Cook in a restaurant
Hobbies I love to sing, I signed up for dancing, learning English
What are your goals in life? Get an education, have a family and children, and travel more.
Favorite flowers: Chamomiles, roses, peonies, lilies
Which languages does he know and at what level?
Ukrainian, Russian - native languages
English - A2
Polish - A2
Family composition: mom, dad, brothers, sisters
Mom, brother, grandfather, grandmother (only grandfather and grandmother communicate)
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