25989 Veronica

Marital status: single
Kids: NO
Want to have kids: Ask me
Religion: Ukraine, Nikolaev
Alcohol: Rarely
Pets: No
Level of English knowledge: good
What other foreign languages do you speak:
Education: student
Jobs: speech pathologist
Hi all! I am a friendly, young girl) I have been studying at the university as a speech pathologist for about 3 years, this
profession is very important for me, because I love working with children and am fond of medicine. Dancing is my hobby!
Since childhood, I have been inspired by people who feel the rhythm, are able to convey any emotion with their movements.
Therefore, from the age of 5 she was spinning in the dance atmosphere, doing sports variety dancing, oriental, hip-hop, jazz-
funk, techno, and also decided to study the modern direction of high heels.
At the age of 16, I decided that I wanted to become a coach, and started working with children in the dance direction. When
she became completely summer, she opened her own studio "Fitness KIDS", shared her knowledge with the younger
generation and made a profit from it.
I am also fond of learning Polish, English and Greek. I love to travel, as a child I had the opportunity to go to festivals,
competitions and tours around the world. But in the adult world it became more difficult to do, so I found an alternative and in
2022 I flew to Greece to try my hand at tourism, got a lot of experience and saw the world !!!
I keep my physical form, so there are no bad habits. I love evening, walks around the city, warm evenings in coffee houses and
good company.
In my free time I like to cook different dishes, arrange home gatherings with close people.
Whom I’m waiting for:
At the moment I understand that I am unhappy in love, I really lack male attention. I would like to see a caring,
promising, honest and decent man next to me. Who could sincerely love and become a support in life. Of course, with a
sense of humor and a good conversationalist.
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