26025 Lina

 Date of Birth 08/28/2001
City, country of birth
Kharkov, Ukraine
Current residence
Poland Warsaw
Height 173 cm
Weight 59 kg
Marital status single
Are there children? If yes, then number, gender and age
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Education (higher/secondary and what kind)
I study at the university, finishing my bachelor's degree
Type of activity/occupation/where you work
Smm manager
Hobbies I like to read and travel, cook
What are your goals in life?
See the world, live life to the fullest
Are there any pets? If so - who and their names
Favorite flowers Red roses, peonies and tulips
Which languages does he know and at what level?
Ukrainian, Russian perfectly
Polish - B2-C1
Family composition: mom, dad, brothers, sisters
Mother, father
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