25903 Inna

Marital status:  never married
Want to have kids: yes
Religion: Christian
Smoking: No
Alcohol:  Rarely
Pets: No
Level of English knowledge: basic
What other foreign languages do you speak:  -
Education: higher education
Jobs: lawyer
Interests: Interested in Music, sports, dancing, language learning, travel
Description: I am exactly the girl who is called a real lady. I have dignity and a sense of humor. I am responsive and open to communication. I have a sensitive nature, which manifests itself in natural sexuality. I am open to new relationships and looking for a real man who will make me happy. I am a mystery girl that you will not tire of solving, because every day I can bring pleasant surprises for you. Do you believe in fairy tales? I think it's time for us to start our happy story.
Looking for: I'm looking for a man with whom I'll be just happy.
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