25837 Valeria

Marital status: Single
Kids: No
Want to have kids: Not now
Religion: I respect all religions, but I don't belong to any
Smoking: no
Alcohol: Rarely
Pets: No, but really want
Level of English knowledge: Intermediate
What other foreign languages do you speak: Ukrainian, Russian and some German
Education: Psychology
Jobs: Psychologist
Interesting: Yoga, horseback riding, writing, reading, snowboarding

In my free time, I enjoy yoga and horseback riding. I also work as a volunteer in dog shelters, I love animals very much. Often outside of work I conduct seminars on psychology and try to make other people's lives better.
Book lover and movie lover - this is about me. From books I prefer dystopia and science fiction, and from cinema - drama, fantasy, science and old classic films of the 80s and 90s. From time to time I myself take up the pen. I like blues or old rock music, but I don't mind modern music either.
I plan to move to another country and open my own psychological school, settle in a large apartment and get two Dobermans. Dream of traveling east asia and enjoy the culture.

Description looking for: I want to find a man who cares about his body and mental health, so that we travel together and share positive emotions. It is important that he loves animals. And, of course, humor, what woman does not love him.

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