25667 Karina

Marital status: never married 
Kids: no
Want to have kids: yes
Religion: Christian
Smoking: no
Alcohol: no 
Pets: -
Level of English knowledge: base
What other foreign languages do you speak:  -
Education: specialized secondary
Jobs: clinic administrator
Interests: music, dancing
Description: I am kind, soft and gentle. I have a sensitive heart and a sincere smile. I have big plans for this life, I dream of traveling a lot, becoming successful in life and, of course, starting a serious relationship and, of course, a family. Family comes first for me. I am a real romantic and I believe in love. I like to chat with friends, get-togethers with my family.
Looking for: I dream of meeting a man with whom I will be just happy. Who will take seriously the responsibilities of a family man. It is important for me that our views on life coincide and we enjoy each other's company. I look forward to our meeting.

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