26026 Ilona

Date of Birth 11/27/1976
City, country of birth
I live in Kyiv, but currently in Bucharest (Romania)
Height 165 cm
Weight 58 kg
Marital status single
Are there children? If yes, then number, gender and age
Daughter 27 years old, son 12 years old
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Education (higher/secondary and what kind)
Higher, technical, KPI
Type of activity/occupation/where you work
Recruiting company, personnel selection consultant
Hobbies: Alpine skiing, swimming, fitness, yoga, Pilates, Tabata, Zumba, banjo jumping,
rodelbahn and other extreme attractions
What are your goals in life?
Provide a happy life for my children, improve their English level, travel around
as many new countries as possible.
Are there any pets? If so - who and their names
Favorite flowers Eustoma, hydrangea
Which languages does he know and at what level?
Ukrainian and Russian - fluent, English - basic A1, in the process of learning
Family composition: mom, dad, brothers, sisters
Mom, dad, daughter, son, granddaughter, 3 cousins
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